What customer pain we solve?

  • You are a scaleup with product-market fit.
  • You have an investor mandate to grow.
  • You lack hiring processes past your founders.
  • It costs you $50K+ per wrong engineering hire and $500K+ per wrong B2B sales hire.

The Bar Raiser flywheel

Bar Raiser flywheel

How Bar Raiser works

How we train the top performers of your company to become future Bar Raisers.
Day 0

Preparatory session/s with your leadership team.

Day 1

Your culture and why it's vital for every single thing you do.

Day 2
Interview Process

Best interview practices that screen candidates for a fit with your culture.

Day 3
Bar Raiser

Interview an external candidate for an actual open position on your teams.

Day 4
Program Rollout

Debrief with your leadership and rollout program in stages.

Program rollout after the Bar Raiser training

  • Make stronger new hires in ~6 months, as measured by evidence-based KPIs (i.e., productivity, output, tenure).
  • Become better interviewers in ~6 months, as measured by evidence-based KPIs (i.e., a hire vote for a successful candidate = +1).

Who we are

  • Nick Dimitrov started Bar Raiser in 2021.
  • Nick has a combined 20-year career at Microsoft and Amazon, where he hired teams from scratch to build new products.
  • Nick has interviewed 350+ candidates as an Amazon Bar Raiser and as a Microsoft “As Appropriate” interviewer.
  • In 2013, at Amazon, Nick co-founded Amazon Game Studios in direct presentations to Jeff Bezos (multi-$B business since).

Start making great hires today

We show your company how to hire top talent, so you can hit your growth milestones.

Bar Raiser helps companies unlock their growth by hiring better. We teach you how to hire top talent, so you can hit your key milestones.
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